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AAYT Affiliates

The Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists acknowledges other nonprofit professional associations whose mission is closely complementary to that of the AAYT.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists

Yoga Australia


AAYT Partners

The Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists is committed to offering work opportunities for its accredited yoga therapists. The following organisations are providing these partner opportunities.


the yoga foundation

The Yoga Foundation originally started life as The Breath Foundation, Michael de Manincor’s vision to bring yoga to those living with hardship. In 2009 the name changed to The Yoga Foundation and the foundation was registered as a charity with Australian Tax Office Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Our vision is to lead an evidence-based movement to reduce anxiety and depression and improve quality of life amongst people who experience disadvantage. We are committed to enabling personal change, social connection and service integration through our yoga programs. We work with people who cannot access yoga easily.

Our program evaluations measure the success of the process and the outcomes, as well as contributing to a growing evidence base.

We use internationally established protocols to ensure we deliver and add to best practice in this sphere.

The Yoga Foundation has recently partnered with the AAYT: we share many of the same values and our strategies are aligned making it a natural union that will support both yoga teachers and beneficiaries. Highly qualified and very experienced teachers are key to the successful delivery of our yoga programs and working with the AAYT will support us in matching the right teachers with the right projects. We also have opportunities for teachers to gain experience working with vulnerable communities.

We look forward to strengthening and deepening our relationship with AAYT and all its members.

Jessica Hobson

General Manager


The new Friends of The Yoga Foundation program is to enable supporters to join forces and become a sustainable community delivering free yoga to disadvantaged people experiencing anxiety and depression.

Often the people most in need of yoga are the people least able to access it due to their mental or physical health, location or financial situation. We aim to change that, with your help.

If you believe that yoga can reduce anxiety and depression and that yoga should be available to all then join us. With your support the Foundation can grow, reach more people, produce more evidence and improve more lives.

Watch our short video to learn more about our work

Visit www.theyogafoundation.org.au/friends


rcd fund

RCD Fund

The RCD Fund has been established in honour of Robert Connor Dawes who died from a brain tumour aged 18.

The Fund specialises in raising money for:

  • Research-  to enable researchers to further understand and more completely treat brain tumours
  • Care – to support families with rehabilitation therapies and home assistance
  • Development – to  support young people with  tumours with educational development

During his last year Connor had weekly music and yoga therapy sessions in addition to his standard rehabilitation.  Despite the invaluable therapeutic benefits, these therapies are not covered by insurance and the RCD Fund supports families by offering 10 fully funded private yoga therapy and/or music therapy sessions in the client’s home.

The RCD Fund is currently compiling a database of AAYT registered yoga therapists willing to work with children and young adults with brain tumours to provide them with a series of in-home sessions.  Costs for the yoga therapists will be covered directly by RCD and will consist of an initial assessment at $85.  The fee and proposed program after that, will be negotiated by the yoga therapist and the RCD fund, and include travel where necessary.

Further information about the RCD Fund can be gained from www.rcdfund.org

If you would like further information about registering please contact Una Miller at the RCD Fund una@rcdfund.org.  Only AAYT Registered Yoga Therapists will be considered for this work.