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Become a Yoga Therapist

Becoming a Yoga Therapist requires specific training over and above general yoga teacher training such as the completion of a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy.

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AAYT Educational and Membership Standards


Completion of a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy provides the practical skills and related scientific and traditional knowledge required to become a competent and effective Yoga Therapist. Graduates have a high level of competency in all aspects of Yoga Therapy practice, underpinned by an experiential understanding of the meaning and processes of Yoga Therapy.

Training programs draw from the extensive, authentic traditions of Yoga, along with recognised protocols and practices for contemporary Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners.

Training provides the requisite skills and professional standards to work as a credentialed professional in the fields of healthcare, wellbeing and personal development.

Successfully completing an AAYT accredited course ensures that the current AAYT Educational and Membership Standards are met and provides eligibility to become an AAYT accredited Yoga Therapist. These Standards are in line with those provided by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).