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CPD & Renewals

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a requirement of AAYT Membership

CPD supports both practitioners and clients by ensuring that the Yoga Therapist maintains his/her skills and knowledge, and aims, at all times, for ‘best practice’. CPD also provides avenues for practitioners to broaden their skills and knowledge into specialty areas that may be of particular interest.

The AAYT CPD Policy requires all members to complete a yearly minimum of 4 points. Points must be relevant to the field of yoga therapy, and not just yoga in general. More details about accruing these points are included in the CPD form below.

The AAYT CPD form must be completed by members and submitted at membership renewal each year.

AAYT CPD form completion – follow the instructions below
Please save this form to your computer and open it in your PDF viewer, where you can fill it out and save it with your name in the title. Do not attempt to fill it in on your browser.



A renewal reminder is emailed to members 7 days before expiry date.

Renewal can be completed   here.

Member details will be deleted from the Find a Yoga Therapist listing if renewal fees are not paid within 21 days of expiry date.

Please note it is your responsibility to keep your email address and other details  up-to-date by Editing your profile.

Payment is made via electronic deposit to the AAYT bank account.

The AAYT Continuing Professional Development (CPD) form must be submitted at the time of renewal. Please refer above.

AAYT Membership Standards  also require a  current First Aid  Certificate to be submitted at time of renewal. 

The AAYT  Management Committee has considered comments from  members regarding  annual CPR Refresher certification.

Although First Aid providers do recommend the annual update,    the Committee  has decided that the CPR Refresher  will no longer be compulsory for  AAYT membership renewal.

Current renewal fees:

  • $80 annual fee, Full Member
  • $30 annual fee, Associate Member