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The AAYT Membership Education Standards provide:

– a benchmark for the practice of Yoga Therapy
– the basis of AAYT membership and accreditation as a Yoga Therapist in Australasia
– guidelines for those considering becoming a Yoga Therapist
– guidelines for those wishing to provide Yoga Therapy Training Programs and Short Courses

Development of the Standards

The AAYT Membership Standards were developed by a working party  including experienced Yoga Therapists, senior Yoga Teachers and practitioners of allied and complementary healthcare.  The process included significant consultation between AAYT and the International Association of Yoga Therapist  (IAYT).

AAYT_Membership Education  Standards


Revision of the Standards

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) has a pivotal role in developing and setting worldwide standards of professionalism in yoga therapy and has been a key strategic partner with the AAYT. Both organisations believe that international consistency in yoga therapy training and membership will be a positive factor in the future development and acceptance of yoga therapy.

To stay in line  with worldwide standards for yoga therapy, the AAYT Committee  continually reviews its membership education standards as required.

Comparison of AAYT and IAYT Standards

Australia was one of the first countries in the world to have developed Membership  Education Standards for yoga therapists and AAYT will continue to maintain world-class  standards.