AAYT Certificated Yoga Therapist


For membership as an AAYT Certificated Yoga Therapists applicants must meet the 2020 AAYT Education and Practice Standards.


  • use of the AAYT Certificated Yoga Therapist logo
  • online listing as an AAYT Certificated Yoga Therapist
  • Scope of Practice & Code of Conduct guidelines
  • Continuing Professional Development tracking
  • e-newsletters with Yoga Therapy news & events
  • representation with affiliate organisations
  • information on professional development opportunities, including Webinars
  • advocacy and peer support
  • eligibility to attend and vote at meetings
  • eligibility to participate in the AAYT Committee of Management
  • eligibility to receive discounts at AAYT sponsored events


$98 annual fee

Pathways to Accreditation

There are two pathways to achieving full AAYT membership:

1 - Successfully complete an AAYT Accredited Training Program

If you have completed an AAYT Accredited Training program please fill in the application form and then upload a copy of your certificate of graduation/qualification, a current First Aid certificate (renewed every 3 years), current CPR certificate (renewed every 12 months), and a current insurance certificate. This will be reviewed, and assuming all is in order, we will email you a membership approval and a link to pay the annual membership fee of $98.

2 - Complete a self-assessment

For this pathway you will need to provide evidence of training and experience against the 2020 AAYT Education and Practice Standards and submit for evaluation.

Download and read the AAYT Education and Practice Standards.

Complete the AAYT membership application – self-assessment form and save to your computer. Email your completed self-assessment form to our accreditation and membership departments at accreditation@yogatherapy.org.au and memberships@yogatherapy.org.au

Your self-assessment application will be reviewed and evaluated by the AAYT Committee. If you have met all the Standards, the AAYT will email you with instructions to finalise your application. You will be directed to our online application form to complete the process.

If the Committee believes there are Standards yet to be met, you will be advised.

You are invited to apply as an Associate Member of AAYT while you obtain the necessary competencies for future application.

For more information please contact:

Membership Secretary 

email: memberships@yogatherapy.org.au