Esther Becchio

Yoga therapist and a Senior Yoga Teacher. My studio is in Hornsby Heights, NSW.

Esther Becchio

Region: Australia - NSW

Yoga Therapist

Meditation Teacher

Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist

Background: I opened my studio, Yoga In Hornsby in 2010 after starting my yogic studies teaching journey in 2003.  I completed a Diploma in Hatha yoga and also in Satyananda yoga including yoga nidra / Relaxation / Breath work / Meditation/I am studying to be an Ayurveda Lifestyle coach this year 2020).  I have 10 years experience working with seniors including in a Retirement village.  I have 3 teenagers and have also enjoyed teaching Teen yoga. I’ve been doing zoom yoga this term and it has been very successful so I’m happy to give a session on line if this is more suitable.  I also offer home visits in some circumstances.

I have been offering yoga therapy for 4 years (since 2016).  Many people come to find a way of managing health concerns, particularly auto-immune conditions but also physical pains and stress.  It provides practices people can draw from as and when needed to maintain balance, manage fatigue.  It provides a welcome, nourishing break from appointments and empowers the individual providing them with tools for self care to use at home (including recordings and a purpose made plan).  We all deserve to feel great and sometimes it just takes an occasional deep relaxation, which I also offer.

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Australia - NSW

Hornsby Heights NSW, Australia