Karine Shellshear

Yoga Teacher (1000 hrs) KYM
Yoga Therapy Training (850 hrs) Certification 2014
Member and President of AAYT since 2015
Senior Yoga Teacher YA

Karine Shellshear

Region: Australia - NSW

Yoga Therapist

Meditation Teacher

My background is in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Community Housing – with a degree in French literature as well as qualifications in research,  policy and planning. I have also qualified as  TAFE teacher teaching research in community services.

In 2007, I graduated with a Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training, with the Yoga Institute, a 1000 hour course in the Krishnamacharya tradition, receiving at the same time a Certificate of Accreditation with the KYM in India. My actual Yoga journey began at age 18, never expecting to become a Yoga Teacher decades later.

In 2011, I  embarked on a new journey of  Yoga Therapy Post Graduate training, so privileged to have been taught by world authorities: Dr NC and Saraswati Vasudevan  with Yoga Therapy Australia (YTA). I graduated in 2014.

I have had the great privilege of learning and working with many wonderful people from diverse backgrounds, helping to build sustainable communities whilst exploring avenues for empowerment and self development. Social action helped me fulfil the first stage of my life’s purpose. Serendipitously, Stage 2 was to move into the more subtle art and science of Yoga, in practice, learning and healing.

For me Yoga is a place of the heart, a space I relish with the same curious mind of enquiry and exploration that has defined my formative work in transforming communities. In this heart felt space I have learnt to appreciate authenticity, and to extend skills and insights to communities of learning. From Yoga Teaching to Yoga Therapy we can inspire transformative healing and instigate that journey of becoming the best version of ourselves.

My work in Yoga Therapy is to be the catalyst that instigates self healing, engaging with those turning to Yoga Therapy as an inspirational tool, one that will enhance understanding of self, health and wellbeing. My work  within the Yoga Therapy community, is to progress mutually identified goals that reflect recognition of this powerful tool, for the attainment of total wellness.




Australia - NSW

Darlington NSW, Australia