Lisa Fabry

Let me help you heal your body, increase your vital energy and calm your nervous system using the tools of Yoga Therapy.

Lisa Fabry

Region: Australia - SA

Yoga Therapist

I’m Lisa Fabry, yoga therapist, yoga teacher, qigong instructor and nutritionist.

My key area of focus is helping women grow older and wiser with ease and grace, including

  • managing anxious states
  • negotiating menopause and other life transitions
  • maintaining healthy bones
  • reconnecting with their bodies and their sexuality.

I work with you 1-1, helping you develop a home practice that you can easily fit into your life, that you love, and that helps you to ease your pain and discomfort. Your treatment might include physical exercises, breathing practices, mindfulness techniques, or other tools of yoga.

Let me help you create a routine that will lead to real and lasting changes in your health, happiness and energy.

You can work with me 1-1 in person, or online. I also teach live classes and workshops. Please click on the website link above to book a free introductory session to find out if we are a good fit.