Sarah Collin

Certified Yoga Therapist offering yoga therapy packages either face to face or by video conferencing.

Sarah Collin

Region: Australia - WA

Yoga Therapist

Ayurvedic Consultant, Meditation Teacher

Sarah is passionate about health and well-being and has been all her life.

Sarah has extensive experience in the areas of disability and women’s health having worked in both industries for many years.

Sarah is also a fully qualified life coach and currently completing a Bachelor in Holistic Health Science with Quantum University.

Working holistically and incorporating Ayurveda lifestyle consultancy training Sarah looks at all areas of your life allowing her to get the bigger picture for what is going on for you and how this is affecting your health.

Sarah will use yoga therapy & Ayurveda to raise your healing potential by getting you back in touch with yourself, restoring balance and harmony on all levels of your being.