Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird

Move with Grace, Sue’s yoga therapy business, is located in the heart of Gympie and offers a safe haven for people to be.

Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird

Region: Australia - QLD

Yoga Therapist

Massage Therapist

Sue uniquely weaves together philosophy and practices of yoga therapy, yoga, somatic therapy, movement patterns, trauma sensitive yoga and her many years of experience to offer a blended contemporary style of therapeutic yoga – union with the self.

Sue understands every person has their own path rife with twists and turns, changes and challenges; and no person’s life is the same as another’s.

Sue has her own experience of personal growth through suffering and this lived-experience adds a powerful dimension as participants feel they are amongst someone who can relate to suffering.

With compassionate presence, Sue helps people to feel comfortable and confident in themselves which sets a healthy foundation to acquire skills to better cope with all the tricky stuff that happens in this grand adventure of living, to live your own life your brilliant way.

043 9338 449

Australia - QLD

Studio 5, 38 Reef Street, Gympie 4570 QLD, Australia