What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy empowers and supports individuals to manage their own health using the principles of Yoga and applying a range of Yoga practices developed within a professional therapeutic relationship.

Ill health and chronic injury are often compounded by multiple contributing factors. For this reason Yoga Therapy engages in an holistic approach to assisting an individual’s health, and will usually encompass the wellbeing of the whole person rather than focusing on a single condition.

The tools that a Yoga Therapist may use include asana (postures), pranayama (breath awareness and techniques), mudra (gestures), relaxation, meditation, dietary advice, lifestyle counselling and self-development guidance.

Yoga Therapy is most commonly provided by way of an individual consultation, although small therapeutic groups may be offered for those experiencing similar health issues. You do not need to have prior yoga experience to benefit from Yoga Therapy.

What is a Yoga Therapist?

A Yoga Therapist is an experienced Yoga Teacher with additional qualifications, specialised skills and knowledge in the application of yoga within a therapeutic setting.

A Yoga Therapist draws from the principles of yoga and the full range of yoga practices, bio-medical knowledge and assessment skills to establish a professional relationship with clients. Together, the therapist and client will develop a self-empowering therapeutic program appropriate to the client’s needs.

Yoga Therapists certificated by the AAYT have undertaken additional training beyond that of a yoga teaching qualification and adhere to professional ethics, guidelines and codes relating to the practice of Yoga Therapy in Australasia.

To gain professional recognition as an AAYT Certificated Yoga Therapist, a Yoga Therapist must comply with:

  • 2020 AAYT Education and Practice Standards
  • Continuing Professional Development: As part of yearly membership renewal a Yoga Therapist must participate in ongoing professional development to update their skills and knowledge. The AAYT requires a yearly minimum of 4 CPD points which must be relevant to the field of yoga therapy.

To identify an AAYT Certificated Yoga Therapist look for this logo:

AAYT Certificated YT